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An additional snap can be added beside the usual snap for a slightly more narrow gusset, keeping in mind the second snap will cause a little bunching.

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These are topped with premium hand-dyed Sherpa fabric and soft French Terry knit.

This is a pair of 7.5" SLIM standard shaped LIGHT pads and a pair of smaller wrappers. This is perfect for having pre-menstruation in preparation for when the expected unexpectedly happens! The wrapper protects and hides the pad so it can be carried in a backpack, pencil case or stashed in a locker.  Have a second one for when your bestie or a friend maybe isn't prepared. Light pads have two layers of 100% cotton flannel in their core and are backed in high quality water resistant Polartec fleece to avoid leaking through. The slim standard pad is more narrow for smaller frames or for those who prefer a more narrow pad and snap at 2.25" wide. Besties sets are offered at 8% off the retail price!