Hoo Hoo Rags is no longer sewing. Sea-sponges are still available and have been recently restocked.  I was only able to obtain YELLOW sponges this time and have adjusted the prices accordingly.  Unfortunately I was not able to get the MEDIUM sized sponges this time around.



Hoo Hoo Rags are handmade, cut and sewn by myself.  Therefore, small variations will occur from pad to pad.  I strive for excellent placement and precise sewing.  If you have any concerns with your items, please get in touch with me.  I may ask you to photograph or even return items in question in order to come to an appropriate resolution.  


Buying pads is a very personal thing and therefore I can not be held responsible for items that are not faulty but maybe just do not suit your liking. You may find over time you prefer different lengths, shapes etc, its a lot of trial and error.  I do offer buying, selling, trading of Hoo Hoo Rags within my Facebook group.


Good wash routines can extend the life of your pads and keep staining at bay.  The sooner you rinse your pads with COLD water (do NOT use HOT/WARM water as this will set stains) the easier stains are to treat.   There are many wash routines, again this is a personal preference how you manage washing your pads.   Avoid HOT temperatures and fabric softeners, fabric softeners can affect the absorbency of your pads.  


Please note that FLANNEL can show wear sooner than woven cottons, avoid scrubbing flannel with bristles to help this.  Also note, VINTAGE fabrics may take extra care in washing and may be more prone to staining.