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Natural Sea Sponge (brown)




The difference between the "brown" and yellow sea sponges is the color.  Some people are unnerved by the natural brown color of sea sponges, therefore a "bleaching" process is done via hydrogen peroxide to bring them to the "yellow" color.  Some say the brown sponges are less fragile and will offer a longer life.  The brown sponges tend to be a little more firm than the yellow, but equally as comfortable to use. 

If cared for and used properly, natural sea sponges are a safe and fantastic alternative to chemical ridden traditional tampons that have been linked to being causes of things like cervical cancer.  Natural sea sponges offer women internal protection for day-to-day activities, the gym, swimming or even overnight!  (They can even be worn during sex and teamed up with a spermicide, as an alternate form of contraception...be warned though, that pregnancy is NOT completely avoidable with this method.)  You can expect to get 3-12 months of use depending on your body and how they are cared for.  

Natural sea sponges have not been processed with harmful chemicals and without all the extra packaging like with traditional tampons, these are friendly on our environment.  They are fully biodegradable and when they have finally lost their effectiveness you can compost them!  The natural sea sponges I offer are fina silk, a fine grained soft sponge sourced directly from Greece.

Absorbency is determined by the size of the sponge and your internal makeup.  I have broken down the sponges into categories EXTRA SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE determined mostly by their lengths, but width will also play into the sizing category.  Bear in mind, natural sea sponges are random in their shape, textures and colors, no two will be the same.  The length stated, is the length of the sponge when its dry (the sponge will expand 15% when wet).  Your cervix height and flow will play a role in the sponge size you will need as well.  For example, high cervixes may require longer sponges and heavier flows may require longer sponges...and lower cervixes and lighter flows may require a smaller sponge etc.

**For more detailed information, how to use and FAQ's about sponges, please refer to the information in the "Sea Sponge Info" tab at the top of the site.