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These are all cotton topped.

Included in this set is a total of 8 pads and a wrapper:
1 X small pad wrapper
2 X 6" slim standard PANTY-LINERS
2 X 7" slim standard LIGHT pads
1 X 8" slim standard MODERATE pad
2 X 8" slim contour MODERATE pads
1 X 10" slim contour HEAVY pad
The Lassie set will be offered for nearly 10% off retail price for a total of $66.   The slim pads snap at 2.25" instead of 2.5" like my typical standard and contour pads. This set includes a mixture of cotton and knit tops and the liners are backed in corduroy and the lights, mods and heavy are backed in those quality Polartec water repellent fleeces.  This set is perfect for a young person just getting a period or for someone with a lighter cycle who prefers more narrow pads.