11" HEAVY Wrap Pad - Knit


An additional snap can be added beside the usual snap for a slightly more narrow gusset, keeping in mind the second snap will cause a little bunching.


Knit top, Powerstretch fleece back. 

This pad has two layers of 100% cotton flannel and one layer of 100% cotton terry toweling that is layered more heavily down the center of the pad from top to bottom and more lightly right out into the wings of the pad.  It derived from my Contour shape pad offering a secure, awesome center bleeder pad snapping at 2.75" wide and backed in a high quality Polartec fleece.  No more bleeding off the wings with this pad!

Note: Powerstretch fleece is a thin, water-resistant fleece commonly referred to as just Windpro in the cloth community.

Also note: Sherpa topped pad cores are layered slightly differently due to the absorbent capabilities of the sherpa itself.